January Events

1/5/14- Snowbound Fun Meet!  Come watch our fun meet athletes as they show off their new skills!!  Stay for our demonstrations by our upper level athletes!  If you have ever wanted to see up close what our team athletes are working on this is your chance!!  A small entrance fee will be charged by our team parents as a fund raiser.  Concessions will be available!

1/18/14 – Advanced Tumbling Clinic – for athletes who have a back handspring with a light spot.  Work on improving your handsprings front and back as well as work on additional tumbling including back tucks, aerials, layouts and more.

1/25/14 – Beginning Tumbling Clinic- for athletes who have their back walkovers with a light spot or on the wedge as well as cart wheels on both sides.  We will continue to work on round offs, as well as back handsprings, and front tumbling.



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