Open Gym Hours

 Open Gym

Come check out our facility and explore everything that we have!

$5 for Members – $8 Non-Members


September Open Gym Hours

Friday nights 7:30-9

25 thoughts on “Open Gym Hours

  1. My daughter came to your gym last summer, w/ the Coopersville middle school cheer team. The team does not have a coach as of right now BUT I would really love for my daughter to have someone work w/ her from your gym … She was soooo close to getting her back handspring:/ (I can’t remember the gentleman’s name that worked w/ her but he was great:) Is there any options for me to have my daughter, Coralie, to take some type of lessons before cheer starts?.. She plays volleyball as well and the shape your gym had taught her to keep herself in has been a huge help 🙂 thanks in advance for Amy suggestions 🙂

    • We have tumbling classes with Mr Karl Monday through Thursday evenings. He also works open gyms on Tuesday and Friday nights from 7-9. We would love for her to take a class with Mr Karl. Please call 616-447-7841 and I can check availability

  2. what is the age limit for open gym. the class I wanted to sign my daughter up for is full so I wanted to bring her to open gym on Fridays till you have a class available.

    • What class are you interested in? I can put you on a wait list? Also open gym does not have an age limit but students who are not able to take care of their bathroom need independently need to have a parent stay with them

  3. I am coming with a group of my daughter and a group friends for open gym on Friday is there a wavier that their parents can fill out before we come in?

    • Summer open gyms are Tuesday and Thursday nights. We do not have summer Open Gym on Friday night. So sorry! We may be able to set up a group out for you for Friday evening if you are interested?

    • We have open gym tomorrow and Wednesday preschool open gym then we are closed March 30th- April 5th. We will have open gym the 6th and 7th at normal times

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